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You got us. 

Oskar Strawberry isn't a real person. He's not even a fake person. He's... we don't know. It just sounded cool. 

Let's see: Oskar Strawberry... He's a traveller, an art collector (mostly Warhol and Lichtenstein), refers to any sail-bearing boat as a "schooner", and owns one exotic animal (never the same, never for long, and never more than one). As of right now Randy is the rare Hoop-Tailed Lemur most often found hanging off the ceiling fan in the study. Unless of course the ceiling fan is on. In that case Randy is by that crack in the burlwood runner where the cool air slips in along with the occasional and untimely caterpillar.

... But seriously: we might photobomb your photo booth.

oskar strawberry | event motion pictures